Kavur - main still


World premiere: IFFR 2023 / Cinema Regained

A young woman goes on a voyage inspired by the ones that are thematized in the films of Ömer Kavur, a Turkish director whom she admires. She believes that familiarizing herself with Kavur’s world will ease her restlessness in some way. She witnesses his struggles of being a lonely child, being stuck between the East and the West, and being a disillusioned and outcast director in the Turkish film industry. The ways in which he handles his creative and existential frustrations will help her to find the answers she has long been looking for. Performing an imaginary dialogue, they wander around abandoned towns, ruins, and deserted hotels. During this timeless encounter a rich archival material including letters, photos, personal belongings, unrealized film scripts, and a lost 16 mm film will guide their mutual reckoning on solitude, truth and cinema itself.

A FILM BY Firat Özeler | Turkey, 2023, 89'

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